Mar 212011

Dear Potential Sponsor,
The James Logan Track and Field team hosts a number of events upcoming for the
2011 Track and Field season. We are looking for sponsors who can help support our
needs for this season. We hope you can help us in some way. We truly need it.
Listed below is information for the upcoming season and a brief summary on our

The James Logan Track and Field Team will consist of about 250 students this
upcoming year. We make no cuts, have all ability levels from beginners to National
record holders. We cover all the events and promote life skills through the sport of
Track and Field. The Team has won 4 National Championships, 4 National Runner-up
Championships, 45 North Coast Championships and 26 straight Mission Valley Athletic
League championships for either girls or boys. Many of our athletes have gotten full
scholarships or are competing in Track and field in college.

Our fist event is the Willie Davenport Olympian Track and Field Clinic on February 12
@ James Logan High School. The clinic is a learn-by doing clinic in which all ages and
skill levels participate, Olympian athletes and coaches come form all over the country
to teach students skills not only on the field but share their experiences about life and
their rise to the top of their sport. This clinic as stated by Dick Fosbury is the largest
of its kind in the United States. As many as 1500 coaches and athletes have attended
this event.

Our next event is the Bay Area Top 8 Track and Field Invitation on April 22, 23 @
James Logan High School. This invitational Track and Field meet has had as many as
100 teams participate from all over the state and teams from Reno have participated.
This is the 22nd year for this event and it is open to all ability levels. The meet has a
Friday relay meet and on Saturday the meet has a day meet and a night meet which
includes races for coaches, mascots and Special Olympic athletes.

James Logan Track and field team also runs a Special Olympics team in which athletes
on the team teach and work with special needs students weekly. The Special Olympics
Team has grown to a number of 50 which includes all ages and all ranges of
disabilities. This team is a true source of inspiration for our adults and students.

The James Logan Track and Field summer camps run in the months of June and July
@ James Logan High School. The camp is for all ages of skill and is based on
developing the pure fundamentals of the sport, creating a fun and motivating
atmosphere is our goal.

We need help with all these events. Our goal is to touch as many students lives as
possible. We have a great staff to help make this happen. Just like all schools we
have more and more cuts. Included are ways to help support our events. We will do
whatever we can to promote your business as well. Please consider helping our youth
for this, it would be very appreciated. Also included is our mission statement.

Sincerely Yours,

Lee Webb
James Logan Track and Field Coach