Ron Mickle Letter

I met Lee Webb, the legendary coach who has been conducting this clinic for twenty years. He was a tremendous decathlete in his day and currently is one of the most successful track coaches in the US.  Recently, Lee lost his young wife to a lung ailment and is faced with raising his teenage daughters by himself. Additionally, he sometimes has had  to take money out of his own pocket to put on this clinic.

Since I love causes, I decided to assist Coach Webb in raising money for these young athletes. I am a friend of Tim McVay, the General Manager of KTVU in Oakland. He loves the clinic and knows its value for the kids. He arranged for Joe Fonzi, one of his award winning sports figures at the station, to help us create a DVD to get the story out. Please take a few minutes to view this DVD.

If you would like to support a few kids, Please donate to the any amount you feel comfortable with. The cost is $25 per kid. It is a great cause and brings joy to the young boys and girls that attend.

(1 kid)
(2 kids)
(4 kids)
(10 kids)
(20 kids)
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Sincerely yours,

Ron Mickle 408- 229- 8854


You may also send a check to:

James Logan Track and Field
Attention: Coach Lee Webb
1800 H Street, Union City, CA 94587

  • I understand that this contribution is 100% tax deductible as a charitable contribution.