X-Country Jog-A-Thon

Every September the James Logan X-Country team hosts a jog-a-thon in hopes of raising money for its current season. Every scholar-athlete is required to run a minimum of 10 laps around the James Logan High School track in order to reach the team’s projected goal.

As a supporter, you can either donate directly to the team and receive “Colt Swag” as a “Thank You” or you can sponsor an athlete based on the pay-by-lap system.  (You determine how much money you will contribute to the team based on how many laps the athlete has completed.  After the jog-a-thon is completed, the athlete will visit you for the donation.)  All “Colt Swag” donors will receive the following items for their contribution.

  • $25.00- JLHS Cross Country Wristband
  • $50.00- JLHS Cross Country Hat
  • $100.00- JLHS Cross Country T-Shirt and Hat

Also as a supporter, Colt Fans can participate by joining in on the jog-a-thon and requesting donations from their peers. This makes the event much more than fun for just the athletes but a family and friends activity in the wonderful Fall weather. If you’d like to participate please visit the X-Country page to retrieve the necessary forms.

We hold this fundraiser every season for the X-Country team’s supplies and operating fees. The funding for this team is easily depleted so every donation you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to hearing you cheer our X-Country team on.