Jog A Thon

Everyone is required to run 10 laps. The students who will be on Cross Country Team will be required to raise $125.00. Hopefully our goal is to raise more than $125.00. If a student raises more than $125 it will go toward future TEAM expenses.

There will be incentives for raising $$$ for the people who donate to the team and the students:

Those who donate:

  • $25.00- JLHS Cross Country Wristband
  • $50.00- JLHS Cross Country Hat
  • $100.00- JLHS Cross Country T-Shirt and Hat

Start getting your donations now. Here are the forms you will need for the Jog A Thon.

JLHS Jog A Thon Form

JLHS Door to Door Form

Thanks for all your support!

Coach Webb